Solutions for Retail, Franchising and Mass Market

About us

Solutions for the Retail, GDO, DO and Franchising world

Our mission is to design solutions that help transform every point of sale into a multifaceted space, where the material and the digital come together

We design entirely in Italy over 70 models of cash registers, fiscal and courtesy printers, the most sophisticated POS-PC solutions, innovative payment systems and a wide range of scales and accessories.

The capillarity of our service network is a major strength for us: with more than 550 specialised centres in Italy, we aim to offer high quality standards for product installation, service and maintenance services.

We enrich our solutions with cloud services so that all our products, regardless of the product sector in which they are located, can facilitate your work as a shopkeeper and offer you services that until now have only been provided in the large-scale retail trade.

The ability to customise our products, to adapt proprietary firmware and to design integrated networked hardware and software systems according to our customers’ needs is one of our strengths.

We distribute our proprietary brands – Ditronetwork, Ditron, Sarema, Sweda, Distribution System, Suprema – with 22 distributors worldwide.

Ditronetwork’s Quality Certification complies with ISO 9001:2008 and we were among the first in Italy to be allowed to perform compliance checks directly without the presence of the Financial Office Inspector.

We are committed to making sustainable investment choices that reduce energy use, encourage reuse or recycling of electronic equipment at the end of its life cycle, and ensure waste disposal and sorting (see our code of ethics).

It is on the basis of these values that we propose ourselves as your ideal technological partner for point-of-sale automation in the retail, DO and GDO markets. Contact us here.

We believe in expertise, we invest in research

The Ditron Group boasts an excellent in-house Research and Development Centre, whose design experience and collaboration with the most qualified technological partners has enabled it to create integrated hardware and software systems capable of responding to the needs of a constantly evolving sector.

The company’s commitment is to continue to believe in research by investing in continuous experimentation, with cutting-edge technological solutions at the service of multiple markets.

People are important

We are constantly committed to the enhancement of the individual and his professionalism, and we are proud of the team of operators, technicians and managers that every day, with commitment, responsibility and hard work, we are all helping to build.

80 people at your service, whom you will get to know over time and thanks to whom you will always have a contact person to ask.

    Inizia ora, contattaci.

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