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Unity is strength
and we give you all the tools to grow

A new way of working, together

We believe that we generate the value that merchants need together, with a mix of hardware, support and services. And we believe that together, we have a better chance of improving all three of these pillars.

The value chain
according to Ditronetwork

(cash registers and scales)


(in store and remote)


(for tax and the market)


Your reserved area

That is why we want to share with you the data of the cash registers and scales for which you provide service, so that you can work better and with less cost. And that is why we ask you to enter your data and complete the data we are collecting from our common customers.

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Our promises to you

If you enter the data of the cash registers and telematic scales that you service, we can establish a direct data connection that will allow you to view online, from your reserved area, all operating data and any anomalies.

In addition, we notify your customer of your arrival, putting you in direct contact, to help you organise your work and prepare the merchant to welcome you.

Not only that, many interventions can also be performed remotely: once the connection is established, you can also assist your customer with remote interventions, with lower costs for you and your staff.

The promises we can keep together

We want to provide merchants with better support and for this we need your help: we offer you ours and all the tools we are capable of. Here are the promises we want to keep together with you:

+ timely: informed assistance is more timely because our systems will provide you with all the information you need, so you arrive at your customer’s shop already knowing a lot about what to do;

+ streamlined: with remote assistance, not only will you be quicker in your interventions but you won’t have to go to the shop for everything, so you can offer the same level of service but in a more streamlined way for you and the merchant;

+ intelligent: with artificial intelligence comparing data from the entire installation, we can predict several possible failures before they occur.

Don’t they sound like promises
worth keeping?

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And as always,
all the assistance and drivers for your work

And in your reserved area, as always, you will find all the drivers you need for your work, in continuity with our tradition, but completely renewed and made faster and more efficient than before, try it to believe it.

We also continue our investment in customer care to give you and your employees all the assistance you need: dedicated resources, two ticket entry channels, and our online manuals.

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