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Enter your cash register and scale data and get more support and services.

United to give you more and better service

Register and complete your profile with just a few details of your cash register and scales: You will get more service immediately because you will enable us and your dealer to know exactly how your machine is working, what spare parts you may need and the right accessories for you.

In addition, by sharing your operating data with your dealer, we guarantee you more timely, up-to-date and effective in-store support: by the time your dealer reaches you in the shop, he already knows a lot of what you need and his intervention is quicker, to the benefit of your business.

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One dashboard with all your business data

For all cash registers and telematic scales, we establish a data connection that will allow you to view all the operating and management data of your business online, from your website or smartphone.

You will thus be able to view the most frequented departments, the busiest times, the workload distributed to your operators, the daily, weekly, monthly and annual turnover per department and operator, and much more.

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Remote assistance, everything is easier

In addition, for all cash registers and telematic scales, you get even faster service with remote assistance:


With DWS it is possible to diagnose devices whenever a malfunction is detected. It is therefore possible to know precisely where and how to intervene.


By querying the devices, through the platform, it is possible to know the status of critical parameters and advise you on the necessary interventions before failures or anomalies occur (e.g. DGFE exhaustion).


Through the DWS platform you can operate as if you were at the point of sale: updating sw, reading data, setting buttons or logos are all actions that can be arranged remotely.


DWS also complies with the recent regulations on telematic transmission, by controlling the actual transmission of pending or unsuccessful data to the Inland Revenue.

In this way, each of your cars can be remotely serviced by your dealer almost in real time, without waiting and appointments, and with a nice saving of time and costs.

We prevent breakdowns for your peace of mind

Service becomes predictive: we monitor the operating data of your cash register and your telematics scale so that we can detect anomalies and automatically notify your dealer of them: in this way, we activate service interventions before a breakdown occurs: a nice advantage for your business.

In addition, we anonymously and securely pool the operating data of all devices and compare it with our AI algorithms* to even more accurately predict possible service needs.

*The predictive model updates over time depending on the anonymous operating data collected; its results may therefore vary over time.

Access all Ditronetwork services

By registering and entering the few details required for your cash register and scales, you will be able to access all related services: not only fiscal services such as digital receipts, the receipt lottery and electronic invoicing, but also all for your business.

There is a whole world of services to help you work better and charge more in your shop, all reorganised and described in a single catalogue made just for you, you just have to choose. What are you waiting for?

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