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Effective queue management at one of Italy's most important festivals

Overview and objective

Among the most common problems that can be encountered at one of the most important festivals in Italy is that of managing long queues and overly concentrated crowds, aspects that directly affect the operator/end user experience and in general the success of the event before, during and after.

Today’s challenge was to optimise queue management during ‘Comicon’, an international pop culture festival that takes place over four days and attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year at the Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples.

In order to allow visitors to purchase quickly and safely, reducing waiting times (as many as 160,000 visits in the last edition), both in the food area and at the automatic cashiers, our cash points and Totem Self Pay 27 were chosen.

Our solution

Enjoying a relaxing moment in the food area, between a superhero and a manga, has never been so easy.

Self Pay Kiosk “27 is the new family of innovative and versatile systems, designed to guarantee an independent, interactive and engaging experience for the customer and the operator, optimising booking, ordering and payment operations.

Thanks to the 27” touchscreen monitor, they are easy to use, even for less experienced customers, with a 2D scanner and integrated courtesy printer. Further added value for our customers is reflected in the advantage of personalised orders and payments: electronic thanks to the pos bank and cash payments thanks to the Safe Money Advance automatic drawer.

Our partner

Today we are in Naples as the official technology partner/supplier of the event during which our work was not limited to offering products and solutions with high quality standards.
We took care of the installation, staff training, manning, and all legal requirements down to the de-installation at the end of the event.
A great award for one of the most important events on the international scene!

Discover now all the PLUSes of the Self Pay and Kiosk family, we will take care of the rest.


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