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Pittari Pharmacy


Pittari Pharmacy

The pharmacy world opens its doors to crash landing

Overview and objective

Cash is still the most widely used payment method in transactions.

However, its handling is insecure, thus increasing the risk of theft and robbery and preventing the safe handling of cash payments, which in turn is reflected in the effective management of customer relations.

Today’s challenge was to optimise the management of the cash point of the Pittari (CA) pharmacy, which operates in the area of healthcare articles and medical devices. In order to cope with the management of cash payments while guaranteeing greater security, Safe money Advance automatic cash machines were chosen for this installation, which are perfect for medium to high footfall sales outlets.

The Solution

Safe Money Advance automatic cash drawers are a reliable and compact solution to optimise the work of operators, designed to automate the flow of cash and simplify point-of-sale management. Perfectly embedded in the counters, they offer our customer full control of the cash point in terms of:

  • flow management capacity;
  • speed of cash insertion and dispensing;
  • ability to check for counterfeits;
  • supplying change correctly and quickly.
Our partner

Today we are in Catania with one of our partners specialised and trained to offer the best support for installation, service and maintenance of products, from the simplest to the most complex.

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Automatic tills.


Perfect for outlets with medium to high footfall.


In the Safe Money Advance Plus version, the product is equipped with an additional cash fund.

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