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The Ship patisserie bar


The Ship patisserie bar

3 simple moves to make your bar more efficient

Overview and objective

The moment of paying the bill is often one of the most important moments, also in terms of the satisfaction of your customers, who expect security and convenience at this stage.

Today’s challenge was to optimise payment management at The Ship (AV) confectionery bar, which operates in the sector of preparing, baking and decorating different types of cakes, also offering a bar service.

To manage payments quickly and conveniently, the top of the Ditronetwork product range was selected.

Our solution

How could one not stop for a good coffee and a good pastry in a cosy environment designed in detail to offer an efficient payment service for the customer.

The top of the Ditronetwork product range was selected for this installation:

  • Smart Pos 800 with Xpos Pc software, an optimal solution for point-of-sale management that uses visual advertising to communicate with your customers, advertise products and promotions;
  • IT – one telematic register that allows you to print barcodes, QRcodes and graphics on non-fiscal documents, with maximum speed and resolution, reducing administrative and accounting tasks;
  • Safe Money Advance automatic cash drawer for secure management of cash payments, correctness of change and queue disposal.

Discover now all the pluses of our certified and technologically advanced retail digital innovation solutions designed for the effective management of payments and more, we will take care of the rest.

Our partners

We are now in the province of Avellino with one of our specialised partners trained to offer the best support for the installation, service and maintenance of several top solutions from the Ditronetwork product range.

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the closest service tailored to your needs, then we will take care of the rest!


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